Wednesday, June 23, 2010

00425 The purpose of being

... is revealed in the musings of man

Pembroke pooh stick Pembroke pooh stick

I spend an hour or so on some of these and they never turn out as well as when I just throw them together

I just can't predict how they'll turn out and no one else can either

or so I thought

Little do I know that data is collected on their performance and general aesthetics and combined to create meta-stats which are held in secret vaults deep underground.

They float, they sink.

The wind moves them, or they drift to and fro' at the whim of the tide.

All of this is recorded.

Teams of scientists work in shifts for decades on these raw figures to try to fathom the infinite depths of man's effect on his environment in the hope that one day these trivial musings might provide some clue as to why we are here and how the decisions we make form patterns in the ether which point to the existence of a higher power.

hang on ... so how do I know all this?

what was all that stuff about "little do I know"?

oh ... I see ... I made it all up

that is such a let-down

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