Sunday, August 08, 2010

00436 conspiracies and ideas

I can almost feel the trickle of ideas running down the gullies in my mind, just like a small stream that you find in the woods which you wished was a bit bigger because you know that it would be more impressive and memorable that way.

In no particular order, the shapes and colours of the water that flow slowly through my consciousness can be interpreted as follows ( if there's anyone out there willing to take these up, just do it):

A hole punch for leaves in the shape of tiny people' silhouettes, so that you can leave a little trail wherever you go.

Thingy for joining cartons together to make huge temporary sculptures, so that you can have something a little more inspirational in your house than a pile of waxy paper waiting to be recycled.

Cable drum which leaves messages on the sand - I've seen this before, but there so much more that could be done with it.

There are a couple of other personal bits that are just on my list of things I have to make, such as picture frames for pooh sticks, rake art, eggs and tiny planes (which I am now referring to as natural curiosities, for some reason). Also picture books, more boxes for sparebots, and some other goinks and dooh-dahs.

With that out of the way, here' a thing:

So I'm on the path to making an amp with a speaker, set in a nice wooden box which also works as an iPhone charger and dock. Now, I've looked around extensively for hints on how to get around the new 3G and 4G iPhone wierdnesses when it comes to charging and it seems that it's a little more complicated than just providing power and ground to the unit. Anyhoo, I found a video tutorial about how to wire the thing to work and I starred (bookmarked) it in google reader - and all trace of it has disappeared! It's not on the awesome Make Blog where I saw it and there's no mention of it's deletion anywhere on the site. I'm really not conspiracy theorist, but it all sounds very much like a conspiracy. OMG! I AM A CONSPIRACY THEORIST!!! Aieeeeeeeee!
Wait a minute, who are you anyway? I have no idea who's reading this. I have to get out of here. I MUST FIND A PLACE TO HIDE!

I'll sit in the shed - it's where I normally go when this happens.


  1. Aaaahhh... now you've told us where you hide.

  2. Perhaps that's just what I want you to think. You don't really imagine that I'd tell you where I'd really be hiding. That way the men in dark glasses from Apple would find me and rend me to wherever (because I found out how to make a charger for an iPhone - man, I've got to get some perspective).

  3. HMMMMMMMMM...............