Saturday, September 11, 2010

00449 And then there was one

An excerpt from "Sailing with midgets":

"It is imperative in the extreme, that the natural balance of things be preserved. To wit: for a camera to be maintained as a working entity one must keep it from the ravages of the elements and for a small boat or group of boats to survive the fury of the sea they should be positioned in such a way so as to avoid the inclemencies that may be set upon them, were they to be put in harms way."

I find myself in need of advice such a this when presented with situations such as this:


... followed closely by inclemencies in the surrounding environment such as this:

The end

... which in turn leave me with a damp camera and one, solitary floating figure, such as this:

And then there was one

I must try that "standing on the shoulders of giants" shit one day. At least then I wouldn't get so wet.

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