Saturday, February 26, 2011

00462 Day 2 Radio Amp Hack

Day 2 dawns and I leap from my bed, mind aflame with a blazing motivation to create.

And now, if I do nothing else in this world, I'll die a happy man knowing that I've brought the RAH to mankind:

Many moons ago I added a 3.5mm (headphone plug sized) socket to my radio and hooked it up to the speaker so that I could listen to my iPod. Heavy was my heart when I realized that the signal from the iPod just wasn't up to driving the radio speaker.


At approx. 11:00 GMT I hooked up an LM386 N-1 power amplifier chip and some other gubbins and soldered it into the radio's DC power socket. Here's the chip and bits:

The amp chip feeds off the power supply that charges the radio's battery, so I might look into a battery upgrade to run the radio as a hand-cranked rechargeable amp and speaker unit. Then I'll probably stick a 1W LED on it and maybe a death ray.

I can now rock out with impunity while preparing noodle soup. Needless to say the inaugural track was "Tribute" by the mighty D.

"Are you angels?"
"Nay! We are but men! ROCK!"

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  1. A 1W LED death ray?

  2. It's a very slow death. Early testing shows an efficacy of around 75 years (if the target is subjected ton the lethal radiation from birth), but this increases to 80 when pointing it at women. Strangely the 3W light is showing similar results.