Wednesday, August 03, 2011

00614 Day 143, the Powerboard


Dear Lenny,

While on holiday, we saw this in a shop called "things that Lenny made". It seemed like such a coincidence, we just had to go in.
Jim (that's my made up husband's name - I'm his wife Peggy, who is writing this), has been following your blog and saw that you had got up to Day 142 and he thought that you might like to have this for your Day 143 thing. That way, you can have a holiday from making one thing every day and it's still made by Lenny, so technically, it's still OK.
Hope you like it.

Lots of love

(BTW - I'm your imaginary aunt)

P.S. It's something that you can stick in a breadboard to conveniently supply it with wither 5V or 12V, so you don't have all those annoying batteries and wires lying around.

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