Tuesday, October 18, 2011

00618 Day 147 to 167, the Last 21

I have reached the end … for the moment.

On the 9th August I signed a work contract with a local company and, realising that I couldn’t in all fairness walk through their doors looking hang-dog and half-dead every day, I decided to call a halt to M.A.D. Consequently all motivation to blog the backlog of completed projects lapsed.

Until now.

Here is a status update:
Days completed: 167
I feel: Happysadness
Number of uncompleted projects: F(x, y)*

I won't go through them all, but here are the highlights:

I Love Lamp

Spin The Bottle Die Crowned Pooh Stick Undercarriager

Pocket rocket

Below is a list of the projects currently unblogged (which will naturally and immediately create a paradox).

Day Project

147 Solder Alarm
148 the Wickerish Man
149 Undercarrager
150 Atari Punk Console
151 Trimariner
152 Spin the Bottle Die
153 Crowned/Not Crowned Pooh Stick
154 Sound activated camera remote
155 Sandy Cake City/Featherwing
156 Pocket Rocket
157 Breadboarder 2.0
158 D2 - Drink or Drive
159 Jazz!
160 Axis of Feeble
161 the Delivery
162 the Frikkin' Laaaser rifle
163 the Target
164 I Love Lamp
165 Cable release
166 Awkwerd
167 PP-1/Skullllll!

You don’t need descriptions of what they all are (or maybe you do), but the image are all in the Flickr set.

In the meantime, I will take everything I have learned and apply myself to the relief od human suffering.

Or I may just piss about.

*where x = number of days left to live, y = number of distractions
the true value of F(x,y) at any time has never been calculated, but is assumed to be very large.


  1. Anonymous4:35 am

    Man, you are so creative!! I love your work. It´s just amazing! It sorprise me everyday! (Excuse my english i am argentinian)

  2. Lenny1:48 pm

    You are too kind.

    You should hear my Argentinian!