Wednesday, August 10, 2011

00617 Day 146, Spaced 2.0

Spaced! 2.0

Spaced! 2.0

Space drydock

Space drydock

It is Day 1024* of our mission to the outer reaches of the solar system and we have now exhausted the crew members marked as expendable in the pre-mission script. Now the hard decisions have to be made. The remaining crew members include myself, the Science officer, Chief Engineer, and the Doctor - all of whom have significant speaking parts and cannot be lost without jeopardising the series. One notable loss which I have neglected to mention so far is that of the Communications Officer, who was mauled to death after falling and spraining her ankle while being chased by a monster. These stereotyped deaths are really plying havoc with the crew's morale.

As if that wasn't enough, the guy who made my ship out of scraps of wood, wire, old surface mount components and outlet pipe, has seen fit to drybrush her all to hell, so she ironically looks as if she needs a new paint job.

Fortunately I remain firmly in command and incredibly handsome.

*The Captain's log is made of MDF.

00616 Day 145, Airbrushing


An airbrush, some paints, a roll of masking tape, some paper and five minutes.

Brevity has become my new specialty.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

00615, Day 144, the Plug

the Plug

"Plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug,


to the tune of the "Batman" theme, but you can also sing it to the tune of "Need a tiny plug for your breadboard, but they always get flimsy and break where the PCB interconnect pins meet the wire? Simply slip a piece of plastic drinking straw over the wire to be connected to the pins, epoxy glue the join after soldering and slide the straw over the glued section - Voila le plug!"

00614 Day 143, the Powerboard


Dear Lenny,

While on holiday, we saw this in a shop called "things that Lenny made". It seemed like such a coincidence, we just had to go in.
Jim (that's my made up husband's name - I'm his wife Peggy, who is writing this), has been following your blog and saw that you had got up to Day 142 and he thought that you might like to have this for your Day 143 thing. That way, you can have a holiday from making one thing every day and it's still made by Lenny, so technically, it's still OK.
Hope you like it.

Lots of love

(BTW - I'm your imaginary aunt)

P.S. It's something that you can stick in a breadboard to conveniently supply it with wither 5V or 12V, so you don't have all those annoying batteries and wires lying around.

00613 Day 142, the Sound Trigger

the Sound Trigger

When wishing to capture the image of a fracturing balloon, it would be wise to arm oneself with the appropriate triggering mechanism.

One such as is displayed above should prove adequate.

One just needs to link the mechanism to the preferred source of instantaneous light.

One needs to mess with one's strobe.