Friday, January 16, 2015

0675 Video stuff

I completely forgot to post up the experiments with paint and water, as well as any 3D stuff I'd done (which wasn't much, as most of it's work stuff).

So here's the paint and water things:

A video posted by Lenny (@thisguycalledlenny) on

A video posted by Lenny (@thisguycalledlenny) on

It's the plastic packaging from my GoPro, filled with water, stuck in front of a black background and lit with my bike light. Filmed with a 5D mk2 and a 100mm macro, then messed with in After Effects.

The other bit is some car headlights from Cinema 4D and it's just a test to see how to make trails in After Effects:

A video posted by Lenny (@thisguycalledlenny) on


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