Monday, August 15, 2005

00064 Perfect conditions

It was Sunday the 14th (that's yesterday) at Ladies Bay when I got out of the water and shook Griff's hand and he said "welcome to kitesurfing". The conditions were spot on for me.
Powered up on the 11m I could have gone for miles (in one direction). The speed was amazing - I don't know if I was going as fast as I thought, but the perception was there.
Still got to work on the Port tack, but the feeling of progression was there again - I've definately cracked the Starboard tack and the Port is up to the same standard as my Starboard was last session. Next thing is to return to the starting point. I can go upwind on the Starboard, just need to nail the Port.
Pictures coming soon when I get the chance to nab someone to take them.

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