Thursday, May 22, 2008

00264 Pre-programmed robot

So I made a new robot and this time it's got these dual-in-line (DIL) switches. Basically it means that by using different combinations of switches I can call up a particular routine (or pattern) and then execute it by pressing the red button. What it really means is that I don't have to keep going back to the computer to change the settings of a particular pattern to try out different types, I can just load it up with a whole lot of patterns and see what they all look like. This'll make it easier and more productive (?) when I take it to a beach.
I can only take pictures of the patterns at night, so progress is slow, but I'm quite pleased with the offset spiral below. Not perfect, but came out reasonably well and almost as expected.

Robot 3 Offset spiral

The idea, although the offset spiral doesn't show it too well, is that one colour of LEDs traces straight lines and another traces the curves/turns. I'm probably going back to the multicolour LED for now, seeing as it doesn't help me to envisage what the patterns would look like on the sand.

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