Saturday, September 06, 2008

00289 More stuff I might get round to

So I've done the book (but not completed the finer details) and I've made the pinhole camera, so what's next?

Well I think I'll definitely tackle the USB LED desk lamp - it's got a lot of pointless design possibilities.

Then there's "winkle time-lapse", it's kind of self explanatory, but needs some research (I've done one take of it, but I can see that there's a lot more I need to know about training winkles to do what you want).

A new KAP rig is definitely on the cards, seeing as I can only capture images in portrait format and the rig will only tilt up so much. Don't even get me started about the whole Rig-with-the-microprocessor-and-IR-LED thing, I just don't want to talk about it. Except to say that I blew the last (reasonably expensive) Gentled LED and I'm wondering how much more money I'll throw down that particular plughole.

Puppets - I've got polystyrene balls on the way and I'll be looking into clothes, body structures, joints and molding techniques.

Woodwork courses start again soon, so I'll plough on with the backgammon board (I've got to get closure on some of these projects, otherwise I'll un-motivate myself). I'll be trying to utilise their laser engraver as much as possible (maybe I'll do some cool stenciling) and I'll try to look into uncovering the mystery of the laser cutting possibilities of their equipment by chasing the guy they got it from to see if he has the mystery part which will make the laser super powerful.

I also had a wacky idea for a time-lapse sculpture somewhere. It's be this steel structure thingy with multiple platforms for placing all sorts of different makes of camera. Each platform would be pointing at a place of interest and the idea is that you put your camera on it every once in a while and collect some pictures to be made into a time-lapse. It'd have to work in harmony with a web based application to process the images and display them all online. Hey, it's just an idea. Oh, and the platforms would all be colour coded so that you can remember which one you used. It'd work with mobile phone cameras too. Man, that'd be cool. And it'd probably be in the shape of a camera, or something like that. Or maybe lots of arrows pointing out from a central point.

Strobist kit arrives soon - that'll open up a few possibilities I should wager.

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