Wednesday, September 24, 2008

00292 Strobe on!

Got my Strobist kit through the post yesterday and been mucking about with it ever since. The wireless flash thing is awesome. You can just stick the flash unit in a cupboard in the next room and have the light spill out of it when you hit the shutter. Now all I've got to do is go through the tutorials to find out how to use it more effectively and then I'll have to hack the cheapo wireless remote to get more distance out of it. I can see how the pocket wizard's 1600 foot range is something to desire.


Dark Cara's hair Cara

And I couldn't resist trying the minature car photography setup featured on the Strobist blog:

Jo's hotwheel

Jo's hotwheel Jo's hotwheel

Here's the setup:

Jo's hotwheel

Added a bit of diffusion after a few attempts. Not bad for a bit of fun.

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