Saturday, October 04, 2008

00293 Mod the 'mote

The flash trigger I bough was the cheapo version - the alternative being the £300 version, so it doesn't have the 1600 foot range of the expensive one. But it's better now.

Cactus mod

Cactus mod Cactus mod

There's loads of tutorials about how to mod them, so I bought myself a nice little 433 MHz helical antenna, glued a 4mm nut to the inside of the remote's transmitter casing after drilling a hole for the antenna's thread. Then I soldered a length of wire to the PCB of the transmitter and the other end to the nut and there you go.

Originally I'd get around 15 feet away before the signal gave out, but with the mod I got around 200 feet and could go further. Stuck the flash on a stand and raised it out of one of teh upstairs Veluxes to test it:

Remote flash

Well neat.

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