Saturday, October 03, 2009

00384 Backgammony production line


So I finally got to taking pictures of the board with the Holga and 35mm film, but the lab wouldn't/couldn't scan the negs right up to the sprocket holes, so I did it myself (so there).

Anyhoo, more importantly (and here we see the relativity of words played out to their greatest extents) I am in production. There are two completed boards and three works in progress. It appears that now I have a method of fabricating the boards with consistent results, and so it now seems a natural thing that the painted points are just like a canvas and the board itself is just a frame. So I'm experimenting with different types of techniques and varying colours to get cool results and if I don't like them, well, it's only a small piece of wood and I won't bother to frame it.

Current favourite methodology is to apply Frisket film, mark with a stencil and cut before spraying and finally ripping off the film with a satisfying flourish.

New stencil film test

Results are very, very good (almost too good):


2 x Points

- that one with the red tips is the bomb and as a result I will keep it to myself and guard it with a shotgun (along with all the others).

And the magnets are just awesome as a method of keeping the box closed, in fact they're too good. I really need a way to open the box easily, seeing as you can't very well play it with the lid closed (I've met sooooo many people with telekenisis and loads with x-ray vision, but very few with both). I now have a solution. It's awesome, and it's in the post. Eeek!

Oh, and here's a picture of the workshop wall. It's so pimp (if your pimp is lazy, fat and ugly).



  1. Anonymous6:38 pm

    It seems that you're answering that old chestnut: can you ever have too many boards?

  2. I now have too many boards

    I know that because I have too few counters