Sunday, October 18, 2009

00388 Holey bowley

Following the discovery that barrel hinges leave you with a box with no obvious way to open it, I woke up one morning at 5 o'clock and couldn't sleep with the excitement of finding a viable solution.

On the down side, I had to compromise on the minimal use of power tools, on the upside I borrowed a router. So courtesy of Dan, here's the result:

The three holes

hole - third of the whole

Lovely bowl shapes. Look great when painted, images of the final board to follow.

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  1. Hi Lenny, I love your blog!

    I came across it because my Dad has asked me to make him a nest of tables with a backgammon board built into the top table.

    I've made a chessboard before that folds up into a picture frame before for my step-dad, but thats probably a bit easier than a backgammon board.

    So your blog is a real help for me when considering what is involved with the project, cheers.

    I wanted to ask, how did you make the chequers? To get the small circular grooves seems quite difficult!

    Maybe you'd like to take a look at my carpentry blog sometime, it's at

    All the best,