Friday, November 29, 2013

00664 SPOTY

For reasons best known to themselves, work asked me to make a replica of the Sports Personality of the Year Award trophy for thier annual conference. Like you do.

I said "Yes" before asking about any of the details, which is pretty much how I ended up getting married.

So this is how it ended up (although it would perhaps have been better if I'd taken time to photograph the end result properly):

SPOTY trophy

And this is how it got there (although technically, it was in a van):

SPOTY trophy  SPOTY trophy  SPOTY trophy

SPOTY trophy  SPOTY trophy

SPOTY trophy

Strangely, twenty minutes later, someone else asked me to make trophies for an altogether different event. Mind you, I had heard that there was a trophy commissioning pandemic sweeping the land, so it was no great surprise.

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