Sunday, December 22, 2013

00665 Tower on a rock in a box

It was supposed to be a Secret Santa, but it just got waaaaay out of hand.

The documentation reads as follows:

Operation manual

Thank you for choosing or unwittingly receiving

Tower on a Rock

The box is made of reclaimed timber from a shed in Perelle
The glass is from a greenhouse behind the Fermain Tavern

The three pebbles are

from Petit Port




The instructions, such as they are, read like this:

The on/off switch is located at the back of the box. Switch down to turn on.
Once the box is turned on you can switch on the light by placing one of your fingers on each of the coins on the top of the box.
Two or more people can turn on the light by holding hands and forming a line. The people at either end of the line can then each place a finger from their free hand on one of the coins.
Note: any flesh contact will work, but always observe basic rules of hygiene and decency.
The box also works as a lamp, but because of the hasty nature in which it was assembled, it will only function for around 5 minutes at a time before the power regulator overheats and shuts itself down. To operate from mains power, plug the power supply into the socket on the back of the box and switch on the power supply. Then switch on the box.
Do not touch the coins when the power supply is connected as this will shorten the lifetime of the LED.
It is also recommended that the lamp should not be left on for extended periods of time as it's probably really dangerous to do so.
The box is battery operated and the battery can be replaced by removing the back plate. To access the battery, place your finger in the hole on the left hand side of the back plate and pull as if hinged near the switch. Replace the back plate using the same procedure in reverse.
Should the light begin to flicker, do not be alarmed. The voltage regulator is overheating and needs to cool down. Leave it for a while and it will go back to working normally.

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  1. Was that seriously a secret santa gift?! whoever received that must have been speechless, in a good way of course.