Friday, March 25, 2016

00702, Dandelion Trophy

So we met with Mark and Jock of the Dandelion Project and I was playing with spinning tops and Mark said he'd like a trophy for the upcoming Ted Talks. He wanted to give Ollie Guillou an award to highlight his contributions to positive journalism - which is lovely.

I said the printing and shipping of something nice would take ages and he said, "Oh." I said that it'd be really pricey for anything largish and he said, "Oh."

So I said I'd make something.

I told Mark that the main thrust of the trophy would be light. I liked the idea that you could present someone with a "piece of light" and I really liked the idea that it would light up when they handled it. It was supposed to be indicative of the light you shed when you spend your time presenting things in, for want of better words, a positive light. I said that I'd give him some plans and keep him in touch with the process and let him know when I'd be done.

He said, "Just bring it along on the day, do whatever you like." so I did.

Basically, it lights up when you touch it.

Turned out nice:

Dandelion Trophy

Dandelion Trophy

Dandelion Trophy

Dandelion Trophy

Dandelion Trophy

I'm meeting with Ollie later this week, at which point, I'll mention the fact that it's all a bit prototype.

He received it a couple of weeks back, so I'm interested to see if it still works - things like this usually tend to pleasantly surprise me with their longevity. Until they break.

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