Friday, March 25, 2016

00702, Fibonacci clock

So Rob (the one from work) sent me an email to say that he'd seen a Fibonacci Clock online, saying (or typing) "Reckon you could make me one of these?".

He didn't really mean it.

But I made him one anyway:

Fibonacci Timer

Fibonacci Timer  Fibonacci Timer

Fibonacci Timer  Fibonacci Timer

Fibonacci Timer

Arduino Nano and NeoPixels with capacitive touch sensor.

It's not really a clock as such, more a timer. You twiddle the knob to zero (all white) and touch the top of the box, at which point it counts up in five second increments. You set the time with the knob, touch the top of the box and it counts down to zero. You twiddle the knob while it's timing and everything stops.

Good thing he didn't ask me to make heavy ordinance. Can't help myself, can I?

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