Monday, July 18, 2005

00058 Beaches

Beach football - half time
Beach football - half time,
originally uploaded by Lenny & Meriel.
This last week we have mostly been visiting beaches.

We've been at Petit Bot with the kids and occasionally friends and kayaks. The sit-on-top is proving to be money well spent and we're swapping between playing with the kids and exploring the gulleys and bays.

Thursday was a rush from beach to beach ending at Vazon where I got this undynamic photo of half-time at the Langlois/Jarrald's beach footie match. They all looked well serious about their game, so I just stuck up the Genki and ran up the beach to get the height to take the picture - but naturally, as soon as the rig was up, they called half-time. Bastards.
To make matters worse (ooooh my life is sooooo hard) as we packed up, a couple of horses (and riders) pitched up and went swimming in the glassy sea against the perfect sunset backdrop. Man that would have been the KAP shot.

No wind to speak of this week so the Mauricio Pro and the Kites are all staying in the garage. Bummer.

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