Monday, July 18, 2005

00059 New rig

12 second timer
12 second timer,
originally uploaded by Lenny & Meriel.
My new KAP rig is coming together slowly. This is a really tiny circuit designed by James Gentles. It's going to work with the wireless doorbell sent to me by Peter Bults. The idea is that I want to capture dynamic images, but that means taking pictures in quick succession. Even with the 1Gig SD card I bought for my Pentax Optio I will only get 10 minutes max if I jam the shutter button and loft the KAP rig. So this number is going to allow me to trigger a continuous burst of shots from the doorbell (tiny thing), which will last for about 12 or 24 seconds (depending on how many capacitors I add to the circuit).

I should point out that I know very very little about electronics, but bugger me - it works!

Upside: It's miles cheaper that a radio control system, and the transmitter and receiver are minute meaning you can still KAP in low winds and it's a doddle to transport anywhere.

Downside: It's got a range of 80 meters - but I reckon it's plenty.

The motivation for this was to capture images of Chris Harvey, a surf kayaker who I understand is ranked No.2 in the UK. He seems up for it, least I can do is try to make a rig to do the job.

More really fascinating images to follow (if this kind of thing flicks your switch). This is based on a set up by Peter Bults, using the wireless doorbell - although his rig takes one image at a time. Like Peter, I'll be using a Gentled, this particular one is an intervalometer with a low firing interval - man, that James Gentles is good, what a product!

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