Saturday, July 23, 2005

00060 Rig five - work in progress

Rig five - work in progress

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Geeking out badly now.

After several iterations I've built the timer circuit to work with the wireless doorbell, which I'm sure will give me around 18 seconds of continuous shooting from the Optio.

James Gentles has been fantastic, answering all my questions about the electronics, however stupid. He also mentioned that I could save weight if I bought tagged 2/3 size rechargeable Ni-Mh AAA batteries - so I did that knowing full well that I'd have to build a battery charging circuit to recharge the packs that I'm soldering together. All that means that from an electronics point of view, I'm flying blind. I mean what the f"&%* are all these components doing? And why are they all minutely different from the ones I used in other circuits? I have a vague idea, but I feel like an old lady with foggy specs and a valium overload being guided across a busy road.
... well, probably something like that.

Anyway it's all coming together and I'm really tempted to find out when they'll be surf kayaking in offshore winds or if the horses are going for a swim on Vazon soon. Ooooo the possibilities are ... well the possibilities are fairly trivial, but, man, that's my tune.

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