Thursday, February 22, 2007

00192 More stuff to make

After looking into some LED circuits on instructables, I'm now adapting my un-thought-through ideas of making a night light for the kids and reading lights for me and Meriel (or is that "Meriel and I"?). Because they're so small and cheap and easy to mount in almost anything, the options are almost too diverse, but wood always seems to be an attractive medium to work with. So maybe just a big bit of wood with a couple of holes in it.
Hell, did you know you can get 20W LED's now? Really bright (and about £27) - probably too bright. I'll probably stick with 3W LEDs.

I said to myself that I'd also get into making either stools for inside, or benches for outside. The things made for the outside are always more attractive because you don't have to be too careful about how they're made. Maybe I should just apply that philosopy to all the things I design, then I'll build in an inherent crapness which won't look out of place in the finished article.
Also we have alot of wood left over from the building work.

Last times list of stuff I'll make when I get round to it are here

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