Sunday, March 07, 2010

00398 Boxy, boxy, boxy

And of course, boxy.

Four more on the go, two with the cable channeled through the walls and two just standard (but nice) for the little doors I started putting in them.

Didn't I mention the doors thing. Yeah, I got hit by a bus and lost my mind and now I'm putting little doors in boxes.

That's all true (apart from the bit about the bus).

Boxes with wires

Pieces of boxes Topside wiring Wired up

Oh, hey, mustn't forget the random shot of the plane and the wood shaving.


That's better.

Meanwhile the Sparebots are breeding.

Obviously they're not actually breeding. I don't want to be labeled as some DIY wire-based pron freak (don't Google that phrase).

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