Monday, March 29, 2010

00405 It's all in the mind

It's all rattling around in there and if you stick a tube in my ear and look down it, you'll see loads of drawings.

Eventually it seeps out through my hands. Bit by bit.

So this is really just a list of manual secretions:

Coffee table becomes dining table
Ottoman becomes coffee table and cushion
Moulded stuff around USB flash drive
Glass shark in a box
Rocket with wood and copper pipe
Wood, glass and plastic mix table
Jar full of heads
Glass cast in resin
Frames with lights behind pointing at the wall
Rockets out of valves
Tea light holders - mdf
Light socket stuff - frames, lights
Glass game boards with photocopied sheets underneath the glass
Picture frame - metaframe
Solar stone polisher
Wind powered stone polisher
Robot/beambots for sand drawing
Bone breadsticks
"Daisy chain" breadsticks
Sparebot bookends
Cable drum beach relief kit
Balloon and parachte camera rig - balloon popped with pin via microcontroller

If I get run over tomorrow I can only hope that someone out there will continue the good work.

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