Tuesday, March 16, 2010

00401 The doors

I can't seem to get an adequate image of them, but believe me when I say that I have finally put tiny doors inside boxes.

That's right, tiny doors.

Inside boxes.

What's that you say? "They said it couldn't be done".


They never said that.

What they said was, "You really shouldn't do that".

But I did it anyway.

Next on my list is to stop the voices.

After that it's back to the bots in the boxes.

In other news, I can feel a resurgence of "Robots that draw in the sand". Just you wait 'till I get my hands on two similarly sized drill motors and a motorbike battery.

Actually, probably best not to wait.

Summer's coming and that means beach, which means, rakes and pooh sticks. Probably some KAP too

In the other news that isn't that, I'll mostly be continuing with making a slideshow of small cakes, some of which will have letters, faces, random and fractal patterns, or all of the above.

As you do.

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