Sunday, August 03, 2008

00277 Dan & Lizzie's Wedding

So we went to North Yorkshire for Dan & Lizzie's wedding and along the way I stopped to float my boat(s):

North Yorkshire Pooh Stick

Norh Yorkshire Pooh Stick Richmond Pooh Sticks North Yorkshire Pooh Stick North Yorkshire Pooh Stick

Which was cool, as it was on a proper river and everything. So that meant real pooh stick racing, rather than letting them drift with the wind. As usual the really nice looking ones lost.

Then there was the time-lapsey stuff of the wedding, which worked out pretty well:

And lastly there was the KAP (sadly no wind on the wedding day). This was the place we were staying:

Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant

Reasonable productive, I'd say.

Oh ... and Dan and Lizzie got married, of course.

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