Friday, August 08, 2008

00279 Class with Daves

Maybe this is just a fad I'm going through after thinking about buying equipment, but I was suddenly seized with the idea that I should be using my camera for more diverse applications.

So I joined up with the "Class with Daves: The Audit Group" Group on Flickr and did the weeks two assignments. The first was "duotone" and the second was "nails". I took my time over these and the results are OK, not amazing, but OK. The main thing was that it was really enjoyable and it always feels good to have an assignment to apply yourself to.

Scaaaaaaaary Babieeeeeee On the head

The nail image was a bitch to get anywhere near right because trying to get a nail in focus with the hammer in there too proved to be a little tricker than I thought - they were about a meter and a half apart. The one of Cara came about when she suggested that she take an image of her doll. Dolls are weird.

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