Wednesday, August 13, 2008

00281 Egg on the moon

At last eggs have been discovered on an off-earth environment

Portelet egg

And soon after, the children came (as they always do)

Portelet egg Why I oughta ...

Meanwhile I'm going through all my old images (no mean feat, there are literally tens of thousands) to find the original egg, rakeart, pooh stick and KAP images for a Blurb book that I've been meaning to finish. Using the basic premise that you have to have all the material (i.e. text and images) ready before "assembling" the book, I'm almost ready to send off the order for the first copy.
We ordered a book for the grandmothers' birthdays and, although the books were fantastic (and well priced), it became very apparent that the printed image likes contrast. With that in mind I've been re-jigging all theimages for this new book in the hope that when it arrives, most of the images will be what I want. Tricky thing, mind, trying to guess what the print will look like without actually seeing it.

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