Sunday, February 05, 2006

00123 KAPin' the nags

Finally got out to do something more than cooking (although we have been cooking up a storm with the old Christmas present - "Casa Moro". Crackin').
Actually went out to take some image of the mounds of sand made when they (the States of Guernsey) send out a digger and a tipper truck to excavate sand from the sea wall, where it builds up and then blows over the wall onto the houses behind, and dump it below the shoreline. It's usually done on something like a low spring tide, so that they can take the sand down near the edge of the water with the truck, then all the mounds of shifted sand just get washed away and redistributed further down the beach. Unfortunately it was done yesterday and they didn't do too good a job of it, so I just got a couple of mediochre images of just a few jumped-on heaps of sand. If I timed it right and got the right light, I'd get really long rows of sand mounds, clean and crisp just after dumping.
As it was, I still managed to get a horse (not quite the group galloping across virgin sand that I had in mind) and experimented with doing fish with the rake. I don't know if it'll take off. I might just try some precision raking with calculated parameters to get even geometric patterns. How much time do I really think I'm going to get to do that? Not effin' much.

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