Thursday, February 16, 2006

00127 Grand Roques jumping

Vazon was crowded out with surfers and a windsurfer on a low tide, so I decided on Grand Roques.

Good decision.

Great, if a little gusty, but as soon as I had it "dialed" (I am now holding out my arms and moving the middle and index fingers of each hand up and down to parenthesise this and in doing so providing a modicum of sarcasm to add to the proceedings) I was "rippin'" (see above). Even with the gusts I was going great guns on the new board - the size and flex gave me great control in the heavier gusts and made sure that I didn't accellerate out of control. The jumps were small affairs, but they'll grow in size slowly as the confidence increases with them - that's the idea. Just before I left I thought I'd try to get in a good big one and found myself with mucho altitude and a certain feeling of "hangtime" (once again I refer you to the passage referring to parenthesising extreme sports speak so as to make light of it). Man that was good. And thank goodness for the seat harness as I'm sure the brown stain on the back of my wetsuit would otherwise have been obvious.

Should add that rootin' tootin' shootin' was all over the shop yesterday. I will now come down from my high horse in order to take up a "it's no fun being perfect, I'd rather have room for improvement" attitude.

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