Friday, February 10, 2006

00124 Surfin' and shootin'

Wednesday was kitesurfing, Thursday was small-bore shooting.
The kitesurfing was the first initiation into jumping. The new board was really good with an overpowered 15m and the jumps were pathetic to start with, but once I got the hang of sending the kite back into the window it was superb. 'Course I did land every one on my arse, but that's the way it starts. More soon, I hope.
The shooting was good. Just some grouping to start with, so that I can ease myself back into it again. The groups were nice and tight, so at least my eyesight hasn't deteriorated too much yet. I'll try to go every Thursday, but they'll be closing up the small-bore and moving to full-bore at the end of March (I think). I haven't shot Full bore since I was 18. Why not try it again, eh? Anyway, the first experience of it over here was much better than the time I did it in London. Everyone seemed very welcoming and eager to help. I might even get to join the OE team. Man, that'd be wierd.

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