Saturday, February 25, 2006

00133 Shootin' diary

I've been logging on to shooting diary - - to get some sort of analysis done on my progress. It's OK, but I think a quick conversation with one of the local programmers might yield an offline solution which I can manipulate to give me a more useful analysis (what am I saying?).
I'll be buying a jacket soon, although we could probably do without the expense - not forgetting that I'll be buying spars for the giant Dopero soon. Money, money, money. Where will it all end?
Thursday's shooting was good, although the first card was a bit farcical 'cos of a mix up with the turn direction for windage. I kept adjusting the sights to bring the shots back left and they kept going farther and farther away. The next card was a tidy 94, and only then with a couple of wierd pulled shots. Improvement is on the way, I can feel it.

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