Wednesday, March 07, 2007

00195 Winning?

Unbelievably I may have won the Guernsey smallbore shooting championshion. I had a good start to the season and have managed to hold a slim lead until yesterday, the last round. I've just got to wait 'till Thursday when the last of the competitors get to shoot - there weren't many, but hey. At worst I got a 99,97,96,98 in the last round and had a two point lead, at best it's a 100,99,97,98, so using a sort of law of kind of averages I reckon it's a 99,98,97,98 which would be a tall order to beat with a two point deficit to overcome. Still, as long as it's not a draw - anything but a draw. I don't think I could handle a shoot-out (not a duel).

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