Friday, March 09, 2007

00198 Kitesurfing at Ladies again

Originally uploaded by Lenny & Meriel.
But this time with images. Grandma looked after Cara which meant that I could drag Meriel down to the beach. She donned her wetsuit and got in the water to take piccies. She even got a ride - mike got her to hold on and dragged her through the ware with the kite - not too fast considering their combined weight is 19 stone.

Not only that, but here's the videos. First the backloop:

Then a little jump:

And finally just cruising up and down:

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  1. That's sooo awesome. That is just below your house right? I'm sure we are all Very jealous!

    I found your blog in some kite-related way, but ended up most interested in your house building log... but these kite videos are great :)