Thursday, March 29, 2007

00203 Block of flats lamp

00203 Block of flats lamp
Originally uploaded by Lenny & Meriel.
A really basic and out of proportion model of a lamp based loosely on a building.

I've been wanting to get on and make a project that uses a "basic stamp" for ages - it's a microcontroller the size of a stamp that you can program from your pc using basic. Then I've come across some interesting stuff about how to control lights by thinking of them as elements of a matrix. So the idea would be to have a lamp that emulated a building (like the time lapses of building exteriors at night), with tennants or worker going in and out and switching lights on and off in seemingly random rooms.

Now that's fine with on/off commands, but what if you want on/off and colour changes - ooooooh, it could be really interesting.

I even thought you could have a lift up one side (or up the middle or anywhere or everywhere - mwahahahahahahaha).

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