Sunday, March 18, 2007

00200 Collections and more lamps and other stuff

So now Flickr has collections, all our photos have been reorganised so that we can display the stuff in a much easier to browse sort of way. Mine is here.

Fullbore season has begun and I'm trying a new rifle, not that I can shoot for shit in windy weather - man I'm going to have to figure that one out.

The lamps are coming along, although it's all a bit rough n' ready at the moment.

This first attempt at making the face for a small lamp ended in failure because the epoxy spilled out under the face of the wood and the rings just came away:

Rings cut Rings and resin Epoxy spillage

On this batch I decided to print out the patterns (done in Powerpoint), sprayfix them to wood, cut them out, sprayfix acetate sheets to them and then pour the epoxy into the holes through the back. Worked a treat as an experiment - the epoxy sits completely flush with the face of the wood, bit there were too many bubbles in the epoxy. Maybe it was because I should have sealed the wood first, at any rate, they still look very promising:

Lamp face designs Different faces Big square face

This last one was just a bit of a laugh, really. I had some epoxy left over, so I split a block from a palette in half with an axe, then drilled three holes in the front randomly. then I poured epoxy in to make the lenses. Next I routed out the cavity for the leds and then I shoved them in and hot glued it together to see what it would look like. It not only worked, but I messed around with some rainbow leds that I bought - now when I turn the lamp on I have a choice between reading lamp and ambient colour-change lamp.

Block Split Routed out Glued together

Now all I need to do is repeat this last experiment, but make the face a bit nicer. Maybe have a large central hole for the reading lights and smaller holes dotted all around it, each with a rainbow led in it.

The only flaw with this is that you would have thought that a reading light was no good if it projected straight forwards (instead of down), but because we have a ledge behind the bed, it works perfectly.

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