Friday, July 15, 2011

00599 Day 129, the Sand Brick

the Sand Brick

the Sand Brick

the Sand Brick

Dear All

Having a really lovely time. This holiday was just what we needed. As you can see we've been at the beach and everything is just lovely, the sand is so soft and the sea is so clear. I'm sitting on a towel in the sun writing this to you and ...

OMFG!!!!! What is that guy doing? JTFC!!!!! he's lifting bricks out of the sand! FMWAT!!!!!! what's going on?!?!?!?

wait ...

There's somebody else coming.

It's the police.

They're taking him away.

Oh, thank God.

What's that officer?

No I've never seen him before.



How many days you say he's been doing this?

Wow. And different everyday?

Yeah, he really sounds like he's come unstuck, if you know what I mean.

Wow, OK. Well, make sure you lock him up good this time.

Yeah, bye.

Man, that was spooky.

129 days. No wonder he lost it.


OK, where was I . Oh, yeah -

lots of love


No ... wait ...


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