Wednesday, July 20, 2011

00602 Day 132, Giant Spoons

Giant spoons

Giant spoons Giant spoons

Dear Sir

I am a giant and wish to complain about the lack of silverware available for the voluminously/altitudinally challenged. No point in grinding bones to make my bread if I have no kitchen utensils which are up to the task.

Yours massively

The Giant

Dear Mr Giant

It is with great pleasure that I can bring you the news of our latest product line. Giant spoons are now in stock. Please head over to our website to place your order (
You'll be glad to hear that the spoons come in at £1.50 each despite their size*.

We would also like to point out that spoons are not ideal for eating bread.

Happy meals!

John R. Madeupman
(regional sales director for wemakereallystrangeutensilsforpeoplewhodifferinsizefromthegenerallyacceptednorm)

*shipping costs start at £15,500,000.00

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