Sunday, July 17, 2011

00600 Day 130 the River of Sand

River of sand

River of sand River of sand River of sand

"And so it came to pass that on the tenth day of their journey they came to a mighty desert and the people were thirsty, but there was no water and they said, 'We are thirsty but there is no water', and the Lord said 'Do not worry, for water will flow in such abundance as there is faith'. And the skies clouded over and an image of a mighty river appeared before them where before there had been nothing. The flowing waters of the river were drawn as sweeping strokes of the Lord's mighty brush. And the people were amazed. They stared at the image and were still for some time.
Then one man, the eldest among them, said, 'That's very nice, but we were really looking for a real river, with, like, water and everything'. And the Lord looked down on them and said, 'Oh ... sorry about that. Look, why don't I just make a basin over there with a tap and you can all use that instead?' and they all agreed that that would be fine."

Excerpt from the recently discovered Old Testament 'Book of Jam' translated from the Aramaic last night.

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