Sunday, April 03, 2011

00502 Day 37, the Fail-O-Tron

Only those who refuse to walk the path of success will truly reach a higher plane of wrong.

The Fail-O-Tron

perhaps it is because I have spent so many hours studying the teachings of the guide that this has been made possible

All I know is that I am now at one with my Fail.

The process to attaining this fully unfunctioning wonder were sadly quite productive, but the end result more than made up for any degree of satisfaction:

The toner transfer with the iron worked.
The home-made etchant worked.
The removal of the toner mask was a great success.
The drilling of the holes worked well.
The population of the new board was a delight to behold (for anyone looking for that which works).

But none of that matters now, as the end product flopped massively.

My only fear now is that I will be tempted to revisit this very soon and that a win may be just around the corner.

Explanation: The project was, to create a Printed Circuit Board by heating toner from a laser copy print so that it adheres to a copper clad board. The paper from the laser print is then soaked off and the board is scrubbed to remove excess paper, leaving the black toner "mask" on the copper. The board is then soaked in an etchant made from Hydrochloric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide. Once the inmasked copper is etched away, the toner is removed with cellulose thinners and the board is cleaned with a fiberglass pen and then drilled to accept components. Easy peasy.
Everything worked except that the design was too complicated.

I will return.

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