Wednesday, April 06, 2011

00506 Day 41, Shelfish

Dear sir

I am in desperate need of help. I have been accumulating items on a daily basis. Now I find myself in a situation of increasing urgency as the number of items rises to epidemic proportions. What am I to do? I simply cannot stem the incoming tide.

I fear for our safety (mostly in a psychological manner).

Yours Faithfully

The Maker



This is most irregular.

You seem to have lost the ability to curb you creative urges.

I would normally suggest a spell of abstinence followed by an enema. However in your case I fell that more drastic action is necessary.

I am prescribing a course of shelving and enclose pictures of said treatment for your information.


Shelves Shelves

Shelves Shelves

Should the shelving prove ineffectual, I'm afraid the enema is your only remaining hope.


  1. Did the shelving work or did you have an enema?

  2. Love the shelves Tom & Catherine L