Sunday, April 17, 2011

00518 Day 51, the Tune Box

Remember all the great music from days gone by?
Remember how everyone used to dance to it and know all the words?
Remember how all you memories are so full of the lyrics that you stand in dumbstruck awe at the capacity of your own memory (although if you go into the supermarket, you can't remember 2 out of the six things you went to buy)?
Remember how much you loved all that stuff?

Well now you can bring it all back - BADLY!!

the Tune Box

Yes, for a limited time (and in fact, you've just missed it) you can grab a piece of customised nostalgia (wait, just let me remind my spellchecker AGAIN, that customised has an 's' not a 'z') for the price of a kebab and a child's tears.
That's right, simply order an over-specced PICAXE chip, some other, seemingly random components and take a hammer to one of the toys found under your daughter's bed and you too can re-live those heady days!
Within 5 minutes of the soldering iron going cold, you'll be enjoying classic theme tunes like:

James Bond
Danger Mouse
The A-Team
Monty Python

And not only that, but for an even more limited time (and, yes, you've missed that too), you can bask in the glory of your achievement before the slow realisation dawns on you - you've made even more stuff you didn't need.

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