Friday, April 22, 2011

00523 Day 56, the Test Lamp

Sometimes a design can be so good that not only does it stand out both in form and function, but it brings new meaning to lives and raises the spirit. It inspires and elates. It combines many complex ideas in one simple entity which shines brighter than the sum of it parts and moves everyone who sees and touches it as a result. The hairs stand up on the back of the neck, the blood flows faster through the temples.

Sometimes it all just comes together and everything is just right.

This was not one of those times and this was not one of those things.

But there are little things that shine in it. This is not a metaphor, they are 3Watt LEDs.

This was for Mark, who wanted to see how resin cast in wood works with lights and different levels of diffusion.

the Test Lamp

the Test Lamp Medusa

the Test Lamp PCB the Test Lamp PCB

This could not be a better example of a good concept executed badly (unless you count military coups on the African subcontinent and the subsequent reaction from the developed nations, perhaps)

Basically, each time you press the button it cycles to the next lamp (all 3W LEDs).

We got your regular clear resin on the bottom, we got your clear resin with diffusion paper, and we got two different thicknesses of clear resin diffused with colloidal silica.

And it's reprogrammable. It's the details of this one that are awesome.

I can hardly contain myself.

But I'll manage.

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