Sunday, May 15, 2011

00537 Day 69, Tanks!

"At last, the new equipment has arrived, we will be able to push the foreign scum back into the sea and then we will taste the sweet, sweet brioche of victory (with marmalade, for extra sweetness). Only then will I rest, only then will I be able to return to my little cottage in the country where I will take up some random hobby or other, probably involving stamps or etching."

- knock, knock -


"Greetings to you, sir, my slightly eccentric superior officer!" (salutes)

"And to you, my slightly characterless underling who plays no other significant role in this scenario, which is beginning to resemble the script for a bad play about the second world war. What news of the machinery I ordered?"

"Sir, the chief engineer has queried the specifications of the new ordinance."

"What seems to be the problem? I ordered 10 tanks with 205mm armaments, nothing more complicated."

"Ah." (turns red), "Sir, it would appear that we have instead taken delivery of 205 10mm tanks."

- silence -


"They are quite sweet, sir"

"IDIOT!!!!!!!!! CRETIN!!!!!!!!
"We will have to re-evaluate the situation and scale down the invasion plans accordingly. Assemble the troops immediately! We will attack all enemy targets which do not exceed an inch in height!"

Making tanks Making tanks Making tanks

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