Monday, May 30, 2011

00559 Day 90, Bikey POV

Bikey POV

Bikey POV Bikey POV

Bikey POV

Bikey POV Bikey POV

This was a project conceived, designed and built in a day and as per usual it was an immersive, engrossing and very enjoyable process, but it was flawed in a fairly fundamental way. As it happens, the visual relativity of the lights strapped to the spokes of a moving wheel to the onlooker, mean that the lights won't appear uniform in their speed or alignment during each rotation of the wheel. It was during this process I found myself struck by the profundity of a single thought.

And the thought was this:

In order to progress, one must leave oneself open to the possibility of mistakes.

What is more, one must embrace the mistake.

Further, one must view the mistake not as something to be avoided, but to be loved and cared for, as one might do a small pet, possibly even a child.

One must nurture the mistake and watch it grow to fruition, watching it as it takes it's first steps, marveling at it's ability to learn and empathise with the world around it.

And then, as the mistake reaches full maturity, one must finally come to terms with the fact that it must find it's own way in the world, that you can't always be there for it and that it must be allowed to make mistakes of it's own.

The deep irony in this situation is that, as this passage of text reaches it end, I finally realise that the mistake here was not in the creation of a bike light. No, it was the bottle of wine I just drank and the words I've just used.

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