Saturday, May 28, 2011

00556 Day 87, Egg



Making a simple thing can sometimes involve the greatest concentration.

I begin with the circle loosely sketched in the smooth sand. Then I go on to dig further down, piling up sand in the center of the newly created island. As the digging goes on, so I move around the circle - a potter's wheel in reverse. Round and round until a rudimentary shape emerges from the middle, thrown into sharp relief by the moat that surrounds it. Round and round I go again, this time bringing the shape into more regular form, smoothing the central piece into a sphere. Now the aches begin. The back, the legs, the neck. But on I carry, looking for this perfect globe to emerge from the flat of the beach.


At last I reach for the camera. And as the last images are captured and preserved for all time, THE KIDS IMMEDIATELY JUMP ON IT AND IT'S FULLY KNACKERED.

Man, I love them but just sometimes ...

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