Monday, May 30, 2011

00560 Day 91, Domed!


An extract from the architectural journal "Dig the Past", August 2530 edition:

"A small artifact, discovered in a domestic dwelling. It measures approximately 1500 quads, the covering of which appears to be made out of some form of primitive transparent substance which some claim to have been used a great deal throughout the planet before the SADTFWBSCTNOETIWH-BID*

"It seems that the object was used as an analytical tool for phsychological analysis, whereby it was presented to a test subject who was then asked for their opinions on what was represented by the figure inside the dome.

"There is some evidence to suggest that the object became popular and was proliferated widely, leading to an epidemic of paranoia as, almost universally, the population became gripped by the feeling of being "trapped inescapably" within their own lives, leading to the mass suicides of 2340 - an epidemic which tragically decimated the species.

"Of course it it well documented now that the few who survived the great depression founded the "Optimism" movement and laid the foundations of today's most widely followed religion, in which the central practice involves covering oneself with a transparent dome to promote security and happiness.

*Stereotyped Apocalypse Depicted in Thousands of Films Which Became So Commonplace That No One Ever Thought It Would Happen - But it Did.
- note that the recording of this event into recent works of history occurred after R. Shank Hangford's 2479 pivotal research into the need for increasingly complex acronyms."

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