Wednesday, June 01, 2011

00561 Day 92, Stone Face

Stone face Stone face

What are you staring at?

Nothing, we are the reincarnations of two of the most evil men to walk the earth. For all our many sins we pay penance by living this unbearable life. Existing, yet rendered motionless. Conscious, yet unable to sense our surroundings. Immortal, yet trapped inescapably in a prison of stone.

Wow ... that's a huge bummer. That whole Zen thing really messed you up.

Yeah, you can say that again.

Hey ... wait ... if you can't hear and you can't move, then how come we're having this conversation?


Oh ... I see. I'm alone on a beach, talking to myself (again). I must have built you by balancing a load of rocks and then got an old pen, cut open the cartridge with a knife and daubed in the black of your eyes onto small white pebbles with the ink. It's all coming back to me now ... yeah, that must be what happened.

Ok. Time's up, I'm off.


Bye beach.


Best get back before lunch, gotta send all those emails and pick up the shopping.




has he gone yet?

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