Thursday, June 30, 2011

00592 Day 122, Outriggy


Drifters Drifters Drifters

Being so small, I really appreciate the fact that someone would go to the effort of making tiny boats. I myself am only 1.5cm tall and so find it difficult when trying to traverse large stretches of water. There never used to be anyone prepared to cater for the miniature traveler (unless you count toymakers, but don't get me started about how they're not taking the issue seriously).

Now this guy has stepped up to the plate I think we're going to see a massive increase in a number of different areas, from larger exports and imports of tiny little jumpers right up to a big surge in cultural entropy as the miniature international barriers come crumbling down.

In general I think it's fair to say that people under two inches in height have always been widely overlooked.

STOP SNIGGERING! When the revolution comes, we'll see who gets trampled underfoot!
(just as soon as the project to interface tiny feet with massive shoes bears fruit)

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